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The Peaky Flyers are an informal Birmingham based group of paramotor and aviation enthusiasts, good friends and companions where the ethos is sharing, encouraging, supporting one another and simply having as much adventure and fun as possible flying together!

Our members range from renowned international expert, through experienced and newer pilots, to complete beginners and others who want to find out more about paramotoring. If you would like to know more  please do contact us. We’re friendly, welcoming and always happy to help in any way we can.

Peaky Flyers Paramotor Group

What are the Peaky Flyers about?

The Peaky Flyers Group was set up by myself and Craig Hall in 2020 as an informal Birmingham, UK based group of paramotor pilots and friends where the ethos is continued learning and gaining experience and confidence from mentors and from one another.

Paramotor training is often undertaken far away from home and once that training is over, new pilots can find themselves isolated but desperate to gain more experience. This has certainly been our case and it is a very common experience. So we decided to have a go at gathering a small and select group of like minded people to address this need for continuing training and practice in a non-critical atmosphere with others’ support and encouragement.

The Peaky Flyers bring together a wide spectrum of paramotoring expertise ranging from renowned international expert, through experienced to the very green, newly qualified pilot. There is an equally varied background amongst us with some coming from fixed wing aircraft, paragliding, gliding, skydiving and some with no previous aviation involvement at all. The “glue” amongst us is our love of flying and our determination to succeed in becoming better pilots able to explore the skies freely and safely.

The name? Well it’s a variation of the Peaky Gliders group that I joined after being introduced by Roberto Ferrero. That group unfortunately appears to be inactive now and so Craig and I set up Peaky Flyers as a Midlands based small club aimed especially at new pilots.
The name is, of course, a direct nod to The Peaky Blinders, a notorious Victorian Birmingham gang. Being Brummies ourselves, Craig and I felt a kind of ownership of the history hence the name Peaky Flyers. Please don’t sue us!

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