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Craig Hall Peaky Flyers

Parajet Zenith – Moster 185 Plus – Ozone Roadster 2

Craig Hall – Co Founder of the Peaky Flyers

I learned to fly over at flyspain in 2017 but sadly since then due to work commitments and engine problems I have yet to get back up in the air!
Thankfully since meeting Paul Shotan I have been put me in touch with and made friends with a lot more pilots and I am hoping they will share their knowledge and help me to get me back up in the air.
My love for the sport is still there but as some of you who read this will testify, it can get very disheartening when continuous attempts end in failure.
I hope that all who read the bio’s on this group and the people who join will pass on their knowledge and lessons both good and bad to help everyone involved.
Stay safe, fly safe and enjoy the experiences ahead.

Tividale, Dudley, Staffordshire, UK

07787 620152

Paul Shotan Peaky Flyers

Wasp Titanium – Eos 150 – Ozone Spyder 2

Paul Shotan – Co founder of the Peaky Flyers

Been fascinated with all things aviation from a kid watching planes fly overhead from the nearby Art Deco Elmdon Airport (now BHX) Birmingham wondering  “how the hell do you get to do that?” Airfix, balsa and tissue paper, control line and RC models were my only outlet until I eventually earned enough to learn to fly and got my PPL. That all had to stop when I quit the day job in 2000 to set up artworks unlimited; my graphic & web design/hosting operation.

The itch to fly never went away and then I discovered paramotoring. Mr. Toad was awoken!

I did my PPG training during an unpredictable summer of 2018. It was hard, hard work but I absolutely LOVED it.
In my search for the ideal gear I found WASP paramotors, met the owner Roberto Ferrero, Jason and Colin on Eastmoor and that was that, bought a WASP with Eos 150 and APCO SLT Harness, Ozone Spyder 28 meter wing and every toy going.

With my good friend and fellow Brummy Craig Ryan we have created this paramotor flying group specially to help newcomers and inexperienced pilots benefit from a friendly, non judgmental group where they can learn from patient, highly experienced pilots and encourage one another.

Please Note We don’t offer training and we are very selective in choosing new members. That’s not snobbishness or elitism, it’s pure self preservation because we know from experience that it only takes one fool to ruin it for all!

Robert Ferrero

Wasp Titanium – Eos 150

Robert Ferrero

I started to fly paragliders in 1994, then 3 years later I started with paramotors and I have been in love ever since. This 25 year journey has been amazingly beautiful and I have been lucky to meet, teach and share flying with many people in the different countries and cultures of South America and Europe.

I started to design paramotors in 1999 and witnessed the evolution of engines and wings and the growth of the sport. Nowadays I try to insert all the knowledge into my own paramotor brand.

A very happy day is when I’m at the flying field, testing a new idea and sharing the flight with my mates.

Passion for flying is like a language and it can be spoken anywhere in the world no matter what the coordinates are…

Chesterfield, Derbyshire, UK

+44 7784 123 694  |

Andrea Peters

Andrea “Andie” Peters

After tandem flying I now want to fly solo. Scary thought but I’m determined to be the first female “Peaky Flyer” pilot.

Bring on the hard work and the adventure!

Chesterfield, Debyshire, UK

Nitro 200 – Ozone Spyder 2

Matt Tierney

My background was in gliding 20 years ago when I had a half share in a Libelle at Kirton Lindsey. Unfortunately gliding was not compatible with marriage, kids and responsibilities and so the last 25 years have mostly been in the flying wilderness. I’m hoping to change that with paramotoring ‘though my journey so far has not gone according to plan with only 12 flights since my first in February 2018. Hopefully my association with you guys will help me spend more time in the air and fill in some of the gaps in my knowledge and experience.

I currently have permission to fly from a field on the outskirts of Scunthorpe It looks good but I am hoping to get someone more experienced to check it out before flying there myself. If it’s ok, Peakies would be welcome to use it if they fancied a change of scenery.

Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire, UK

07730 614473 |

Kyle Davies

Kyle (Para Normal PPG) Davies

Para Normal PPGI have been flying paramotors since early 2018., I also have many years experience with powered hang gliding although PPG is much more appealing to me for the freedom and easy transportation. I’m also a keen motorcycle rider and I’ve ridden the length of the UK and Europe; I’m very much into any form of motor sport. I am a self employed private hire driver so I do get around and meet many amazing people and also have the luxury to pick the days I can fly!

Whitwell near Worksop, Nottinghamshire, UK

07512 656 796 |

Kevin Bigland Peaky Flyers

Wasp Titanium – Eos150

Kevin Bigland

Details to follow

Dudley, Staffordshire, UK