It’s called omnibus enigma …one day you have no field then three turn up at once!!!

First around the corner was the new Eastmoor expanse, then Matt Tierney managed to acquire a pristine School field in Scunthorpe and now this week, through the means of a Facebook ad and meetup with fellow Brummie flyer Craig Hall, we have a third LZ in Weatheroak, South Birmingham! Can you believe it?

Today I have the silvery key in my sticky mitts and on a trust basis the field is open for invitation flying at £10 per person. It has gated access, a few benign sheep munching the grass, ample room for campervans etc and as far as I can see (to be verified by Maestro Ferrero) take-off runs in any direction, given there is a slight incline to the north.

From the posh end of  Peaky Blinder Land the surrounds are now open for exploration and the civilization of the natives! Warwick, Stratford, The Severn Valley, Bridgenorth, The Malverns, Cleeve Hill, The Cotswolds …. to infinity (ish) and beyond.