1. There re no egos or leaders we are all just buddies with an equal say.
  2. Peaky Flyers are a closed group and proposed new members need to be approved by all.
  3. The field is precious and it must never be abused. The farmer is kind and generous and his neighbours are tolerant BUT we must NEVER risk losing their support.
    For that reason anybody who acts irresponsibly at the field will have to leave the group.
  4. NO unnecessary revving of engines apart from warm up.
  5. NO dogs, they seem to like the taste of ripstop nylon or else enjoy peeing on it after chasing pilots off the ground!
  6. NO open fires.
  7. NO litter.
  8. NO overflying of houses, businesses or livestock. There are several stables in the immediate area.
  9. Take off and then BUGGER OFF!
  10. Craig and I are key holders and intermediaries for the field so one or other of us needs to be present for any flying.
  11. We pay the farmer £5 per person flying and or camping.
  12. Please note there are no camping facilities, just a clean open field so water, food and toileting (portapotti, special lavatory buckets etc) need to be brought. NO pooping in hedges or elsewhere please!
  13. We will probably insist on third party insurance for flyers and a liability waiver for non flyers in case of any mishaps.
  14. With care and due respect we can keep this lovely private field pristine and our relationship with the landowner and neighbours sweet.